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Photo of HollyI am a costume designer based in Los Angeles. I collaborate with the creative team and the performers to use the visual language of clothing to engage the audience, reflect a smart point of view, enhance story structure and character arc.  I enjoy problem solving, and can draw on outstanding people skills and 25 years experience in all aspects of the entertainment industry for resources.

To read an interview with me about my process, go to About.com with this link. 

There are two parts to this website; the blogroll I use to post recent projects, and portfolio style archives sorted by design category– click on tabs for specific shows. If you are using a mobile device the tabs may relocate slightly.

Download a Short Resume as a Word Doc.  I have uploaded a PDF format, I’ve received feedback not everyone can see this version on smart devices.  Email me if you have trouble viewing this.     HPD Short Resume 4-2013

Contact Me directly hollypoe@ix.netcom.com 

See what my students are doing UCI Costume Alums Recent Projects

About PoMo2k

I am an entertainment costume designer based in California.
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