Mephistopheles #6


Come, perhaps we still have time to save you!

The final scene poses several large story problems:  one is a post-climactic appearance for Mephistopheles.  Faust visits Marguerite in prison, where she is about to be executed.  The focus of this act –and the music–  is the two lovers as Faust tries to persuade Marguerite to escape with them, damning her to eternal slavery.

I’ve designed a leather coat with an extremely long, billowing train so that Mephistopheles can still show menace through grand scale- as he paces back and forth the train acts like a dancer of sorts billowing and turning,  echoing the necessity to escape.   The full facial tattoos and red clawed gloves are still visible to remind us what Mephistopheles really looks like, yet the audience does not have to look at the grand Walpurgis costume which would be a distraction in this scene.


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I am an entertainment costume designer based in California.
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