Speaker Resume

I am regularly commissioned for presentations on entertainment costume, costume history topics and the confluence of art and costume.  The following topics are also available for your group for meetings, as a special event or fundraiser.

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve: Costume Design for Opera, Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, La Jolla, CA.

Picture Perfect: Costume in Art and Cinema, The San Diego Museum of Art

Forbidden Fruit: Dress and Undress in the Paintings of the Permanent Collection, The San Diego Museum of Art

Costumes in Performance: Japanese Noh Drama,  The San Diego Museum of Art

Retro or Revival? Fashion’s Fascination with the Past, The Wednesday Club, San Diego, CA

Rudi Gernreich: 1960’s Change by Design Courtald Institute of Costume History, University of London, July 2000

Garbing the Bard: Designing Shakespeare from 16th Century to Current Practice, Shakespeare Festival Los Angeles

Costume and Manners for Three Eras

Part One:  Wearing Your Wealth in the Tudor Renaissance

Part Two:  The Dawn of Elegance in 18th Century Costume

Part Three: Wearing the Industrial Era in Victorian Costume

Fashion History by Era: Classical World to Contemporary Era. Many topics by era and decade, contact me for specific information.