Jesus Awakens the Little Girl

A comedy short that asks the question — is Jesus a match for the contemporary American teenager?

World Premiere at the Action on Film Festival.  Written and directed by Emmett Loverde.  As a costume designer, I finally got to ask the question What Would Jesus Wear?

There were many references to the clothes in this script, including a funeral dress the main character calls a “morbid nightgown” that her mother would have picked.  With its witty dialogue, most of the shots in this film would be close up to medium shots, so I created interest near the actors’ faces.

Jesus Awakens the Little Girl

I’ve posted a few of my wardrobe sheets for the characters, below.  I use these as talking points with the director, DP, actors and crew.

Wardrobe Tear Sheet

Wardrobe Tear Sheet

Wardrobe Tear Sheet